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Create beautiful dashboards in a few clicks.
Add custom data processing and design with code.
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  • Connect your data sources
  • Add formulas without SQL
  • Prepare and clean your datasets
  • Create and share dashboards
Write code to customize
  • Create custom data loadings
  • Add your data processing algorithms
  • Create pixel perfect design with CSS
  • Create your own dynamic widgets

Key customization features

import serenytics
import pandas as pd

# create the serenytics client
client = serenytics.Client()

# get the source object providing the input data
input_source = client.get_data_source_by_name(name='my-sql-table')

# query the input data in a pandas dataframe
df = input_source.get_data().get_as_dataframe()


# load the data in the Serenytics internal data-warehouse
output_source = client.get_or_create_storage_data_source_by_name(
name="output data storage")
Run Python scripts
  • Paste your Python code and click on Execute. It works.
  • Schedule your scripts.
  • Trigger it with the REST API generated with each script you create.
  • Pass parameters to your scripts through the API.
  • Use standard libraries such as Pandas, Numpy and scikit-learn.
  • Use the Serenytics client to get data from a source (e.g. SQL, Google Analytics) in a Pandas dataframe, load a dataframe into Serenytics or send an email with a dashboard as a PDF file...

	<span style="font-size:1.5em"> Value current month: {{value1}}</span>
	<span style="font-size:1.5em"> Value prev month: {{value2}}</span>
		<span class="fa fa-arrow-" + {{value1 > value2? "up":"down"}}> </span>
		<span>{{round( (value2 - value1) / value1 * 100, 2) }} %</span>
Create your own widgets
  • Create your own widgets in HTML/CSS, in our dashboard editor.
  • See the live output of your code.
  • Get the data from our engine directly in the HTML code, using the {{valueX}} syntax.
  • Use our interpretation engine to create dynamic widgets.

    background-color: #6044e4,
    color: #c16d6d,
    padding-left: 1vw,
    text-align: left
Edit the entire CSS
  • Change the entire CSS of the dashboards.
  • Create CSS classes you can use in your widgets.

Embed seamlessly into your app

Embedded analytics
  • Add analytics to your application, without the complexity.
  • Use single-sign-on.
  • Filter embedded dashboards with a JSON payload passed by your app to Serenytics.

Do I have to code for everything?

You don't need to code for standard data flows and dashboards. You can plug your data, add formulas (without SQL), create joins, create dashboards without coding. You start to add code when you need to customize the platform. Then, you really enjoy the simplicity and the possibilities of these coding features.

Can non-tech people use Serenytics?

Serenytics is a collaborative platform. You can create restricted accounts for business users to let them explore their data and create their own dashboards, using only drag & drops.

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Serenytics is the most complete and simple cloud solution to effectively build dashboards for digital performance management for our customers.

Olivier Guyomard

CEO - LineUp7

Thanks to Serenytics API and architecture, we were able to industrialize the integration of dashboards in applications built by Generative Objects.

The main strength of Serenytics compared to the other solutions of the market is the level of customization. We can fine-tune the CSS of each element, edit the filters for the user or simply create our own widgets.

They trust us