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Why Choose Serenytics?
Cloud & End-to-End

All the modules you need for your reporting projects are included within Serenytics.

  • Internal datawarehouse
  • Data visualization
  • Data processing
  • Scheduler
  • PDF reports emailing

Simple & Efficient

A non-technical person will be able to setup most of your projects within a single day.

  • Connect data
  • Create KPIs formulas
  • Create and share dashboards
  • Schedule an email with a PDF report attached


In case of advanced needs, you can always deliver using our developer-oriented features.

  • Python scripts and scheduler
  • Fully configurable CSS
  • Use HTML and Javascript code within dashboards

Serenytics is the most complete and simple cloud solution to effectively build dashboards for digital performance management for our customers.

Olivier Guyomard

CEO - LineUp7

Thanks to Serenytics API and architecture, we were able to industrialize the integration of dashboards in applications built by Generative Objects.

Automations are very simple to implement and save us a lot of time each week.


Plug-and-Play data connectors

Connect heterogeneous data sources with a few clicks (CSV or Excel files, Oracle/MySQL/SQL Server/PostGreSQL SQL databases, REST API). Upload your files with millions of lines and start analyzing their content within a few minutes.


Dashboard Studio

Create your dashboards without technical skills thanks to our interactive studio. Choose widgets in our library (barcharts, pivot tables, foldable tables, waterfalls,...) and configure them with a live preview.

Formula editor

Use our graphical editor to create all your formulas without technical skills (you don't need to be an SQL expert). Check your formulas correctness with our live preview.


Infinite configuration options

You have all the options available to precisely tune your dashboard: edit your dashboard CSS to reproduce your company graphical theme, inject javascript code in table cells to obtain the exact output you need, add html code in the dashboard header.

Simple embedded analytics

Any dashboard created with Serenytics can be securely embeded in your application with a few lines of code. Thanks to our Single-Sign-On module, your user is logged once in your system and does not need to log again in Serenytics. He is not aware that dashboards are made with an external module. You can also create template dashboards: a dashboard is created once and according to the user properties (region, business unit, ...), only data he should have access to is displayed.


Generic scripting module

A Python script execution module is available in our platform. You can code any data processing you need for your project (import, export, data cleaning, machine learning, predictive analytics,...) and schedule its execution or trigger it through a REST API call. Thanks to this module, you do not need your own data infrastructure or an external ETL. Coupling these scripts plus our REST API, you can achieve all the data processing you need.

Multi devices

Our dashboards adapt themselves to the device screen. Create a dashboard once, it is automatically compatible with tablets and smartphones.


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