Several offers adapted to your internal or external reporting needs, starting at $10/month by user.

Company pack

$420/month $480/month
(with 12 logins)

For all your dashboards projects, without limitation.

  • Unlimited data sources
  • Unlimited dashboards
  • 5M data rows storage
  • 2 studio logins
  • 10 viewer logins
  • Support by tchat and screen sharing
  • Automations limited to one hour per day

Extra Logins

  • Viewer login
    $10/month $11/month
  • Business analyst login
    $80/month $92/month
  • Studio login
    $100/month $115/month


  • 50M data rows extra storage
    $220/month $250/month

Agency pack

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A single license adapted to your business model.

  • Web Analytics portails branded to your brand or your customers brands
  • Model dashboard cloning
  • Advanced management for your dashboards and pdf reports sharings
Looking for a single user plan or don’t see a plan that fits your needs? Contact us at


What is a viewer login?

A Viewer is a type of user who can only browse existing dashboards. He can drill into the data but only with the filters pre-configured in the dashboard.

What is a studio login?

A studio user has access to all the Serenytics features. He can create data sources, dashboards and automations.

What is a business analyst login?

A business analyst can create dashboards but he can't create data sources or automations.

What is a data source?

In Serenytics, there are two types of data sources. The first one is a connector to an external data container (an API, a database...). The second one is an internal Serenytics storage.

What is a Storage?

With each Serenytics offer, you get a data storage. This storage is a high-performance data engine well adapted to analytics queries. You can use it to sync data from an external data source or to store intermediate computation results.

Is there a limit in the data size?

By default, there is no data size limit. If you have a high-performance data system available, our default package is all you need. If you need to sync your data to Serenytics, you will need to buy storage add-ons. For a 100M data rows project, you will need two extra storage add-ons.

Can I install Serenytics on my servers?

Yes, we can do that for large projects. Contact-us to get more details.

Do you provide professional services?

Yes, we do. We can provide you with experts on all the steps of a reporting project (data connection, data cleaning, dashboard design, data processing in Python, ...).

Is the email recipient with an attached PDF counted as a viewer login?

No, it isn't. You can send your PDF reports to as many people as you want, without requiring them to have a Serenytics viewer login. But there is a limit on the number of emails recipients per day.

Is there a limit on the number of emails sent?

Yes, with the default package, you cannot send emails to more than 20 recipients per day. We have options if you need to send a lot more emails. But we must discuss your project before.